These are the recent changes to the crunchSMS application.

Version 3.42

22 August 2012
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.41

6 August 2012
  • You can now send a pound or yen symbol and still have 160 characters.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.40

19 July 2012
  • Bug and stability fixes.

Version 3.39

15 May 2012
  • Bug fixes to the scheduling feature that caused an overuse of the CPU and battery.

Version 3.38

03 May 2012
  • Minor bug and stability fixes.

Version 3.37

24 April 2012
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.36

3 April 2012
  • Stability improvements.

Version 3.35

28 March 2012
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.34

12 March 2012
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.33

07 March 2012
  • NEW: Schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date, either as a one-off, or repeatedly, for example a birthday greeting or to remind you or a friend to do something.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.32

17 February 2012
  • Bunch of bug fixes (& BlackBerry messed up deploying to App World) and optimized performance.

Version 3.31

15 February 2012
  • Bunch of bug fixes

Version 3.30

6 February 2012
  • Fixed MMS Reception problems on some networks
  • Stability improvements

Version 3.29

27 January 2012
  • Major Feature: Long incoming messages are now concatenated correctly and displayed as a single bubble wherever possible.
  • Optimized and fixed some issues associated with backups (via Desktop Manager).
  • French Translation!
  • True group messaging using TextFreek! With no limit on the number of friends you can include.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes (mostly with MMS).

Version 3.27

12 January 2012
  • Important fix for backup and restore via the BlackBerry Desktop Software tool.

Version 3.26

16 December 2011
  • Improved performance and important bug fixes.

Version 3.25

9 December 2011
  • Improved resilience of sending messages.
  • "Copy Conversation" copies messages to clipboard oldest first.

Version 3.23

5 December 2011
  • Now works on phones running the latest BlackBerry OS 7.1
  • Now much faster when sending messages.

Version 3.22

25 November 2011
  • We made it quicker, especially for users with lots of messages!
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Version 3.21

17 November 2011
  • Urgent bug fix that prevented some users from opening crunchSMS. Sorry!

Version 3.20

15 November 2011
  • Added a keyboard shortcuts feature, see Options, Customize Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Added a 'Show New Message Row' setting, see Options, Customize General.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, thanks for feedback.

Version 3.19

8 November 2011
  • In the Conversation List, we have added a shortcut key n to quickly launch the New Message screen.

Version 3.18

3 November 2011
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes!

Version 3.17

25 October 2011
  • Now correctly displays emoji icons received from iPhone (iOS 5) devices.
  • Further refinements to the emoji icon feature.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.16

21 October 2011
  • Fixed large bubble issue for some OS 6 users.
  • Explains what the "old-style" emoticon page is about!

Version 3.15

19 October 2011
  • Improved emoji rendering for 5.0 phones.

Version 3.14

14 October 2011
  • Emoji! Choose from 450+ emoji icons to make texting more fun with your friends on iPhone devices.

    Also works with friends using Android phones, as long as they are using one of the popular Messaging apps like chompSMS

  • Reworded option "Clear Notification" to have two options "When 0 Unread" and "When Crunch Opens"

Version 3.13

5 September 2011
  • Optimized performance, especially for OS 7 devices.
  • Reorganized the Options screen.
  • Preparing for Emoji interoperability with iPhone & Android devices for the next Release 3.14!!!

Version 3.12

1 September 2011
  • For OS 6/7 the pull down 'Home Screen Notifications List' now shows crunchSMS messages!

Version 3.11

25 August 2011
  • Quick Reply is now way nicer! Making it much easier to view multi-line messages.
  • Scrolling through messages using the trackball is now much faster and smoother.
  • You can now buy a license through BlackBerry App World, quick and easy, so please support us!
  • When downloading an MMS, pictures and videos are better matched to the capabilities of the phone.
  • Accents are ignored when searching for a contact, so you can look for "VĂ©ronique" by typing "ver".
  • In Quick Reply, if you enter text then press [Open] your text is no longer lost.

Version 3.10

5 August 2011
  • You can now Forward MMS messages!!
  • Added font size and color customizations for Quick Reply.
  • MMS messages are now acknowledged after downloading. This prevents multiples and also informs (if network supports it) the sending party of delivery and read receipt.
  • New slide animations on OS 6 phones.
  • Fixed bug with 'Delete All' feature.

Version 3.9

27 July 2011
  • AMAZING: Quick Reply pop-up lets you easily and quickly reply to a text message!

    In the middle of an email and get a text message? Quick Reply will pop-up, you simply type the reply, press Send and then continue emailing, quick, convenient and fast.

  • New improved video and audio icons for MMS messages.

Version 3.8

29 June 2011
  • You can now play video and audio directly in crunchSMS!
  • Added option to not receive MMS messages in crunchSMS
  • Battery usage improvements
  • Can now show full-sized MMS images on OS 4.5

Version 3.7

17 June 2011
  • Now works on OS 7.0
  • Service-type SMS messages now go into their own conversation, not into "crunchSMS Team"
  • Fixed issue on OS 6.0 so you can "SMS via crunchSMS" from the Phone app, and go directly to that person's conversation
  • Removed option to forward MMS message, because that's not yet supported
  • Fixed issue with TextFreek on some networks

Version 3.6

14 June 2011
  • Fixed issue in some phones where crunchSMS would stop working after receiving an SMS
  • Fixed issue with TextFreek where messages were sometimes not being received

Version 3.5

31 May 2011
  • Will retrieve full-size MMS images, not scaled down ones
  • Automatically figure out how to connect to TextFreek
  • Reverts Send button back to blue when not registered with TextFreek
  • New spiffy icon

Version 3.4

13 May 2011
  • Improved detection of MMS messages, now works on Sprint PCS, and better error handling

Version 3.3

5 May 2011
  • You can now receive MMS messages in crunchSMS!

Version 3.2

28 April 2011
  • Improved Blacklisting: you can now automatically delete blacklisted messages
  • Fixed bug in "To:" field so the input language doesn't revert to English
  • On BlackBerry OS 4.5, update the icon on the home screen when a message is received or read

Version 3.1

13 April 2011
  • Critical fix: reduce network traffic if registered for TextFreek.

Version 3.0

8 April 2011
  • TextFreek lets you text other TextFreek users, anywhere, anytime for free. It's the smartphone way to text on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices. It comes built into crunchSMS. See Options, TextFreek.
  • Performance improvements

Version 2.22

10 March 2011
  • Added Blacklisting! Allow you to blacklist certain contacts so you no longer see text messages from them.
  • Improved performance.
  • Removed options to skip confirmation dialog when deleting a conversation or message.

Version 2.21

30 November 2010
  • Added setting to show bold message text.
  • Performance improvements.

Version 2.20

19 November 2010
  • You can now set a custom background image for both conversation and conversation list!
  • Also, you can now customize the selection color in the conversation list.

Version 2.19

28 September 2010
  • Added a passcode lock feature, so you can keep people from seeing your texts!
  • If a text has a phone number in it, you can now hit the menu key and text that number.
  • Uses less memory when receiving a message.
  • The list with snippets now scrolls if you have a lot of them.
  • The list of recipients now scrolls properly too.

Version 2.18

7 September 2010
  • Added snippets, bits of text you can quickly insert into your messages - done really nicely!
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, thanks for reporting them!

Version 2.17

20 August 2010
  • Added support for phones running OS 6.0 like the new BlackBerry Torch 9800.
  • Added the ability to "Insert Contact" details. Makes it easy to send anyone a contact number!
  • Fixed an issue where some special characters were not displayed properly.

Version 2.16

27 July 2010
  • Character and SMS counter, done really nicely! (this only appears when you reach the second line of input text).
  • You can now turn off confirmation dialogs when deleting messages and conversations, so it's quicker to delete stuff.
  • Feels snappier when typing.

Version 2.15

30 June 2010
  • Contact pics!
  • To show contact pics, turn them on via Menu key, Options, Show Contact Photos = Yes.

  • Make a phone call directly from the conversation screen by simply pressing the green call button.

Version 2.14

15 June 2010
  • You can now customize your Conversation List colors as well!
  • Improved contact matching.

Version 2.13

10 June 2010
  • You can now copy an entire conversation to the clipboard - neat!
  • Customize conversation options now appear properly, even with larger font sizes.
  • Ignore voicemail messages from 333 and 44601, and messages with "NEW VMAIL" in them.

Version 2.12

7 June 2010
  • Added signatures - NICE!
  • Ignore SMS messages from Voicemail number 333.
  • Added a small banner to encourage users to support us, so we can continue to make crunchSMS even better!
  • Fixed "pushGlobalScreen" error that occurred on some phones.

Version 2.10

1 June 2010
  • All contacts are now visible! Provided the content protection is disabled - see the FAQ.
  • Fixed issue where the middle of very big bubbles could not be viewed.
  • Added menu item in Phone and Call Logs app to launch crunchSMS.
  • Added "Delete All" function.
  • More options for font sizes.
  • Contacts are sorted more intuitively: with mobile numbers above land lines, and prefix matches above other matches.

Version 2.9

28 May 2010
  • Alerting has changed: you now configure alerting as you normally would for SMS, and crunchSMS will use that – there's no special 'crunchSMS' profile anymore. Also, crunchSMS now works with BerryBuzz!
  • When you select a bubble, the date/time stamp is shown at the top of the screen.
  • On OS 4.5, the red star on the crunchSMS icon now shows properly when a text arrives, even if the icon is on the home screen in the top line of icons.
  • Fixed an issue where a bubble could sometimes have a white rectangle in the middle.
  • You can now hit the Enter key to select a smiley in the smiley popup screen.
  • Improved contact matching: numbers are considered the same if the last 7 digits match (instead of last 6).

Version 2.8

17 May 2010
  • On trackball devices, you can now send by clicking on the text field twice.
  • Fixed issue where text field would not appear on Pearl phones.
  • Disable suggestions when typing the recipient.
  • Text is now never clipped in conversation bubbles.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a conversation could not be opened, and a blank screen would appear instead.
  • Fixed issue where characters would be missing from texts that were split (on CDMA networks).
  • Added option to show emoticons as text instead of graphically.
  • Renamed "Emoticons" to "Smileys".

Version 2.7

10 May 2010
  • Fixed issue where battery was drained if you switched to another app whilst in a conversation.
  • Added "Delete Prior" so you can delete multiple messages in one go.
  • Improved look of very small bubbles.
  • Fixed scrolling in conversation screen.
  • Fixed issue when deleting a message when you had earlier message loaded.

Version 2.6

4 May 2010
  • Added backup & restore functionality (via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager).
  • Improved battery life.
  • When you go into a long conversation there's no flicker anymore.
  • Fixed issue where unread count could go to -1.
  • Improved dropping of gibberish messages (that is, messages coming from other apps).

Version 2.5

28 April 2010
  • You can now go from Contacts and Message List directly to crunchSMS!
  • Added option to turn off notification when you open crunchSMS, instead of when there are no more unread messages.
  • Added some larger font sizes.
  • Fixed issue where some messages would be added to the wrong conversation.

Version 2.4

2 April 2010
  • Fixed issue where the crunchSMS user interface would not start after a message has been received. Even though the user interface did not start, all messages would have been received, as you'll see after updating.

Version 2.3

1 April 2010
  • Fixed issue where emoticon would be recognized inside a URL.
  • When the sender is an email address, you can now email them from the menu.
  • Avoid "The application has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall" prompt.

Version 2.2

31 March 2010
  • Fixed issue that sometimes prevented receiving SMS messages.
  • Added workaround for BlackBerry bug on Storm (and maybe others) where the home icon would not update correctly to show/hide the asterisk.
  • When you compose a new text, you can now hit the Enter key to select a contact.
  • Doesn't truncate the date/time in Message Details, even when a large font size is configured.
  • Hide Send button when "Enter Sends Message" is on.

Version 2.1

26 March 2010
  • Fixed contact matching when sender is an email address.
  • Better error reporting.
  • When you insert a smiley on a Storm, the cursor now stays put.

Version 2.0

25 March 2010
  • Support for OS 4.5!

Version 1.25

23 March 2010
  • When adding a contact, crunch first asks what kind of number (mobile, work, etc).
  • Added "Open Event Log" option in Options screen.
  • You can now add a phone number to the address list directly from an SMS message!
  • The selected conversation stays selected as much as possible when e.g. a message comes in.

Version 1.24

22 March 2010
  • Added ability to forward a message.
  • Contacts should now always be seen properly, even after syncing with the desktop. Also, fixes the names on existing conversations to match the contacts list.
  • Ignore MMS related messages better.

Version 1.23

19 March 2010
  • Added menu option to call a contact from a conversation
  • Added "Add to Contacts" menu option

Version 1.22

16 March 2010
  • Going into a large conversation is much faster.
  • Keyboard support: you can navigate the conversation list and conversation with 't' (top) and 'b' (bottom), and delete things with 'Del'.
  • When you add a contact, the conversation is updated to reflect this contact name even if the number doesn't exactly match.
  • When deleting a bubble in the conversation, the list doesn't scroll more than it needs to (previously, it would scroll to the bottom).

Version 1.21

12 March 2010
  • Smileys! Wow! I thought you could only get those on the latest BlackBerry phones...
  • Performance & stability enhancements.
  • Support for O/S 4.5 coming soon...

Note: For those running crunchSMS version 1.20, no need to wait for BlackBerry App World to catch up! In crunchSMS, simply press BB Key → Options → Change Log → Upgrade

Version 1.20

8 March 2010
  • Fixed "background service not running" problem for most users.
  • Added option to reset customizations back to default.

Version 1.19

5 March 2010
  • You can now customize the bubble colors and background color!
  • Send button and text field look better.

Version 1.18

1 March 2010
  • Now asks user to grant required permissions. Helps if the background service doesn't run!
  • Better ignore texts related to Verizon Visual Voicemail.

Version 1.17

26 February 2010
  • Fixed issue with keyboard sometimes not coming up on Storm
  • You now get a notification even if you've switched to another app with a conversation open
  • Ignore SMS every time you get a Verizon Visual Voicemail messages
  • When bringing up the virtual keyboard, the most recent message bubble stays in view

Version 1.16

23 February 2010
  • The home screen icon now contains a red star if there's unread messages!
  • Phone numbers in the bubbles are now highlighted, and you can call them via the menu!
  • www-style URLs are also highlighted and you can visit them!
  • URLs in brackets are now also recognised correctly
  • New recipient bubbles look much better on small screen phones like the Curve

Version 1.15

22 February 2010
  • URLs (http and https) in bubbles are now highlighted, and you can visit them via the menu! Highlighting of phone numbers is coming soon!
  • Fixed issue with bubble width display.
  • We now ignore MMS messages better.

Version 1.14

19 February 2010
  • Fixed issue in conversation screen where background of bubbles would go white
  • In new message screen, trackball clicking the recipient field moves focus to the text field
  • Message Details dialog doesn't show number twice

Version 1.13

18 February 2010
  • Added support for multi-byte and GSM encoded messages, so great for foreign language support.
  • Much improved graphics, like the bubbles!
  • Better performance and error handling...

Version 1.12

17 February 2010
  • *Much* improved performance in conversation
  • Fixed issue where sometimes changes to contacts would not be seen in crunchSMS
  • Made menu's more consistent, and accessible via clicking the trackball

Version 1.11

15 February 2010
  • Fixed issue with LED not flashing when a new message comes in.
  • Fixed issue where some users received blank messages, as these are not really SMS messages and are now ignored.
  • Fixed occasional crash when sending the first message of a new conversation.

Version 1.10

10 February 2010
  • Added ability to set the font size

Version 1.9.4

9 February 2010
  • Fixed issue that impacted a small number of users, whereby they could not see SMS messages appear in crunchSMS
  • Performance improvements for large SMS databases

Version 1.9.3

8 February 2010
  • Better explain the problem where another app is already listening for SMS messages, preventing crunchSMS from listening

Version 1.9.2

5 February 2010
  • Fixed issue where changes to the contacts weren't always detected by crunchSMS
  • When crunchSMS starts, it now checks the status of the background service, and shows any errors

Version 1.9.0

4 February 2010
  • Incoming long messages don't appear as separate bubbles anymore
  • MMS messages are now properly ignored
  • Added support for receiving messages with special characters
  • Consistent font sizes in whole of app

Version 1.8.0

3 February 2010
  • When sending on CDMA, automatically split messages into 160 character chunks if necessary, so the messages arrive
  • Fixed issue where on CDMA messages would not send to numbers formatted with ( ) or - characters
  • Much improved trackball navigation in new message screen
  • In new message screen, hitting Enter on recipient field will now move focus to send text
  • Improved fetching of FAQ and Change Log web pages
  • Added confirmation before deleting conversations or messages

Version 1.7.0

1 February 2010
  • Added ability to delete a single message
  • Fixed issue where messages would not send to numbers formatted with ( ) or - characters
  • Much better matching to names in address book when receiving message for new conversation
  • MMS messages are now ignored, instead of displayed as gibberish
  • Wait until the phone has fully started before starting the background service
  • More consistent font sizes and general polishing
  • Fixed display glitch when navigating conversation list

Version 1.6.0

28 January 2010
  • Added alerts when an SMS arrives! So you can now prevent messages going to your regular SMS Inbox by blocking incoming SMS messages (crunch will still receive them): go to Options -> Security Options -> Firewall!
  • You can customize alerts in the regular way, in Profiles there's an entry for crunchSMS
  • Fixed issue where navigation with trackball in conversation didn't work as you'd expect

Version 1.5.0

27 January 2010
  • Sending is now *much* faster
  • Fixed issue where a default icon would be shown instead of the proper one
  • crunchSMS doesn't appear twice in the Switch Application list anymore
  • Fixed issue where crunchSMS would go back to the conversation list when switching back to it

Version 1.4.0

25 January 2010
  • Added AutoText support!
  • Fixed issue where background service would not start in some circumstances
  • Fixed issue where some contacts would not appear in New Message Screen
  • Uses less memory

Version 1.3.0

21 January 2010
  • Now shows all contact numbers: home, work, and mobile
  • Added option to only show mobile contacts
  • Can now see message details on any message, including exact time of sending or receiving, the phone number of the contact, and the failure reason (if any)
  • Fixed issue on Storm that prevented you from changing the settings in the Options screen

Version 1.2.0

20 January 2010
  • Works on Tour now! And other models with hardware keyboard
  • Works on Verizon now (verified!)
  • When composing a message, typing a double space turns into a period and capitalizes the next letter.
  • Added option "Enter Sends Message"
  • Added FAQ in Options screen

Version 1.1.1

15 January 2010
  • Choosing contact on New Message screen is *much* faster

Version 1.1.0

8 January 2010
  • Added indicator so you can see if a message failed to send (also added an option in the menu to resend)

Version 1.0

1 December 2009

Very first release of crunchSMS. We're still in beta and we're working flat out to improve it - feedback is welcome!