Do you charge for sending messages?

Using crunchSMS is no different from using the built in Messaging application on BlackBerry. If you normally pay your mobile carrier for sending text messages then you still will. Using crunchSMS is simply like using a better app.

However, if you are normally charged for text messages by your mobile carrier, then you may want to consider using our TextFreek messaging service (it's part of crunchSMS). As it's free to send messages to other TextFreek users. See the TextFreek website for more information.

Upgraded to OS 7.1 but can't receive MMS in crunchSMS

In Homescreen > Options > Text Messages > Show SMS/MMS Mode Notifications > Please Uncheck. Reboot your device and you should be good to go.).

Cannot install from App World

Please install from our website

How do I reset my passcode?

Send a text saying "Unlock" to your phone. Your passcode will be reset.

You get the same messages over and over?

They are messages stored on your SIM. Open the native SMS app, Options, View Folder, then look for SMS SIM Card Inbox and delete the messages there.

Does crunchSMS support MMS?

Yes crunchSMS (from Release 3.5) has support for receiving MMS messages. We are working hard on the ability to send MMS messages from within crunchSMS as well.

How do I remove the 'ad banner'

Easy, simply purchase a license by making a one-time payment which includes all future upgrades for free here or via crunchSMS, BB Key, Buy a License.

A thank you (in advance) for supporting us!

There's also lots more features coming soon; more Customizations, Group support, Auto-Forward....

I have changed my phone. How do I transfer the license to the new phone?

Just go to the buy page and continue as if you're going to buy a new license, then click the "But I've already bought a license!" link.

You'll need to supply the PIN of your new phone, the PayPal email address you used to buy the license, and the PayPal Invoice ID, so have these handy.

If you're on your BlackBerry now, you can also choose "Buy License" from the crunchSMS menu, and take it from there.

My stock BlackBerry SMS app shows a "d" when a message has been delivered, why can't crunchSMS?

Unfortunately it's a third party app limitation imposed by RIM..(. However, crunchSMS will tell you when a message has not been sent.

What about typing beyond 160 characters?

You can type messages as long as you like – on sending crunchSMS will automatically split the text if needed. Even on CDMA!

How do I get alerts for incoming SMS messages for crunchSMS?

You just configure the normal SMS/Texting profile.

Sorry, but per-contact ringtones don't work. Why? because BlackBerry don't allow this, so there's nothing we can do about this at present.

Emoji icons just appear as garbage when I send or receive them!

You can send emoji icons only to smartphones that can understand them.

This includes all iPhone devices. Also includes Android phones, as long as they are using one of the more popular Messaging apps like chompSMS. For BlackBerry devices only works using crunchSMS.

Emoji icon still appears as garbage? then typically you are on a CDMA mobile network (e.g. Sprint, Verizon) that cannot handle the emoji encoding required. If you send a emoji icon to yourself and it appears as garbage, then your mobile network is the issue.

How do I change the notification sound in crunchSMS?

Sounds from the Home screen -> Set Ringtone/Alerts -> Messages -> SMS.

I only want to see messages in crunchSMS, how do I configure that?

For OS 6 and 7, you need to ensure only crunchSMS receives them by doing this: Desktop > Options > Security > Firewall, and tick the "Enable" and "Text Messages" boxes.

Important for MMS, ensure in the Messages app > BB Key > Options > Text Messaging, under the MMS heading set Multimedia Reception to Never and Automatic Retrieval (if possible not all phones allow this to be changed) to Never.

For OS 4 and 5, you need to ensure only crunchSMS receives them by doing this: Desktop > Options > Security Options > Firewall, and tick the "SMS" and "MMS" boxes.

Note: you do have to enable the firewall.

Important for MMS, ensure in Desktop > Options > MMS you set Multimedia Reception to Never and Automatic Retrieval (if possible not all phones allow this to be changed) to Never.

Background Service Error / Java Errors / Permission Issue / Can't send messages

From the home screen go to Options > Applications > crunchSMS, choose Edit Permissions, and set everything to Allow. Then restart your phone, by pulling out the battery.

Alternatively, it's possible the app didn't get the firewall permissions it needs. From the home screen go to Options > Security Options > Firewall, and from the menu choose "Reset Settings". Then save. Finally, restart your phone, and answer "Allow" when asked for permissions. That should do it.

If this doesn't help, try deleting the Module for crunchSMS and reinstall from To delete the module, go to Options from the phone's Homepage, device, app management, crunchSMS, then scroll to modules. Tap on crunchSMS and then Delete.

I don't want to see MMS messages in crunchSMS

For OS 6: Messages app > BB Key > Options > Text Messaging, under the MMS heading set Multimedia Reception to Always and Automatic Retrieval to Always or Home Only.

In crunchSMS > BB Key > Options, set "Receive MMS?" to No.

For OS 4 and 5: Desktop > Options > Security Options > Firewall, and untick the "MMS" box.

Secondly: Desktop > Options > MMS set Multimedia Reception to Always and Automatic Retrieval to Always or Home Only.

In crunchSMS > BB Key > Options, set "Receive MMS?" to No.

What does the red exclamation mark (!) that appears on a sent message mean?

It means that message was not sent. This can typically happen if you have a weak network signal.

The pictures for my Facebook contacts don't appear

Go to FB app on your phone, select a friend, press Menu button and then Refresh Blackberry contact.

Some of my contacts don't appear when I try to send them a message

Check on the crunchSMS Settings page if Mobile Contacts Only is set to Yes. It is possible that the numbers for these contacts are not set as mobile.

My contacts don't appear!

Try turning off Content Protection for your address book. From the home screen go to Options > Security Options > General Settings (or Encryption on OS 5). Then, either disable Content Protection, or set "Include Address Book" to "No", and restart your phone. On OS 5, from the home screen go to Options > Security Options > Encryption, and either disable encryption, or exclude your address book, and restart your phone.

If you see some contacts but not others, then it's likely you have more than one contact list (go to Address Book > Options to check). If you see more than one list, then that's the problem - BlackBerry only lets crunchSMS see one of them, not the other. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that. To make it work with crunchSMS you'll need to merge the contact lists so there's only one. Please google to find instructions on how to do that.

NOTE Storm Users: Blackberry sent Storm users a software update on November 30 2010 which causes this issue. Only solution is to hard reset your phone and reconnect everything.

Some messages don't have a timestamp!

That's to reduce visual clutter: bubbles don't have a timestamp if they were sent or received within 15 minutes of the previous bubble. You can always see the timestamp by selecting a bubble and choosing "Message Details" from the menu. Or as you scroll up the bubbles you'll see the timestamp in the top status bar.

Since I installed crunchSMS I have been unable to backup my blackberry. My backup runs normally until I get to the crunchSMS database and it fails.

You need to close crunchSMS app before backing up your phone. Either press back arrow from crunchSMS, or press Menu key and select Close.

I uninstalled but the crunchSMS icon is still there...

It's a BlackBerry problem, crunchSMS doesn't do anything tricky, it plays by the rules. From the home screen go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications, find crunchSMS there, choose "Delete" from the menu, and finally restart your phone (battery pull). That should do it.

I don't see the crunchSMS "little notification icon" at the top of the screen

Do you have OS version 4.5? The "little notification icon" shown at the top of the screen isn't supported on BlackBerry OS 4.5. It's a BlackBerry limitation, sorry nothing we can do..:(

How to add crunchSMS icon to home screen from BlackBerry App World

Once installed, simply go to your Downloads folder (usually on the home screen), then select crunchSMS and press Menu > Move to Folder > Home.

The crunchSMS icon has disappeared!

Disappearing icons are a BlackBerry problem, they aren't caused by crunchSMS itself. Here's how to find the icon again: first make sure crunchSMS is actually installed: from the home screen (the one with all the icons), go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications, and make sure crunchSMS is listed there. If it is, there should be an icon somewhere on your phone. It's normally in the Downloads folder, although some phones let you pick a different location for downloads, so just check all folders on your home screen. If you still can't find it, some people have reported the icon shows up again after changing their theme. If all else fails, uninstall crunchSMS, and install it again (your messages will still be there).

How to Color the Bubbles?

Go to crunchSMS > Options > Customize Conversation.

Choose for example "Incoming Bubble Color", select a color slider, and use your Alt key and trackball to change the color value.

Note: On touch screen phones, press the menu key, choose "Change Option" and swipe your finger left/right on the slider. Finally click to accept the change.

When I try to send a text through crunchSMS it tells me invalid number of digits

Please enter the destination number in the following format: + (country code) (full number). Please remember "+" in the front.

Can I save my messages?

Not yet. It's on the todo list. Crunch SMS does get backed up when you connect your phone to your PC and use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

When I copy conversation it gets copied to the clipboard. Where is the clipboard and how do I access it?

Clipboard is a temporary area that you can't access directly. However, you can paste the copied text into another app, e.g. email.

Storm Phone - issues with rotation, partial screen and touch events?

You need to turn off the compatibility mode, as follows:

Home, Options, Advanced Options, Applications, crunchSMS, Menu Key, Compatibility Mode

Curve 8350i not supported

There's a problem with 8350i phones: on certain networks all messages are sent and received as MMS, not SMS. And crunchSMS only supports receiving MMS, not sending. So for now this phone is not supported.

FAQ does not help me

Please email us again at

You must put the subject as "NOT FAQ" otherwise you'll just get the auto-reply message again!